• Online Computer Service

  • Bit Computer Service offers convenient and reliable remote technical support and online tech support for a variety of computer problems that can be taken care of remotely. 


    Sometimes you might not have the time or the means to drop your computer off. BCS offers convenient and reliable online PC repair and online Tech Support for a variety of computer issues that can be taken care of remotely.

    If you have a suspicion of malware on your computer, we highly recommend getting your computer checked out. Whether it’s pesky pop-ups, a suspected virus or just software that you can’t figure out, BCS can help and make sure you are secured. We can take you on right as you call or schedule an appointment later.

    Our online computer repair service  setup is straight-forward and simple, and takes your privacy into consideration. Around 80% of software-related issues can be taken care of remotely with our remote PC, so don’t hesitate to give us a call and get quick and friendly help.

    Computer & Printer Setup

    Are you a creature (wow, rude) of habit and would like to have your new computer set up exactly like your old one? We can set up your computer for you and make sure everything is where you expect it to be. If your wireless printer stops connecting to the computer, BCS will help you get through it.

    Software Installation

    Do you need specific software installed on your computer in a specific way? Or is the software on your computer trying to update with no success? BCSs will figure out what is causing issues and ensure everything is working properly and smoothly on your computer.

    Windows Troubleshooting

    If it seems like your computer is offended at you and doesn’t want to cooperate, it might be time to call the BCSs. We will talk things through with your machine and make sure to tame your computer once and for all. Mac, Windows—you name it, we do it.

    Malware & Pop-Up Removal

    We see a lot of adware and malware in our clients’ computers. All it takes is clicking the wrong “download” button or even the X button, and you will be overwhelmed with the number of ads or ransomware. Removing even well-hidden unwanted software will be quick and easy with us.

    Browser Troubleshooting

    Can’t find your bookmarks, your browser is just not starting, or videos are playing wonkily? Whatever the issue is, we have probably seen it already. Troubleshooting browser issues systematically makes for a quick and pain-free experience.

    Outlook Setup & Repair

    If we had a dime for each time we had to troubleshoot Outlook issues with sending or receiving mail, opening or synchronizing folders, we would be swimming in gold like Scrooge McDuck. Luckily, practice makes perfect—we can figure out your issues quickly, so you can continue with work.

    How does it work?

    Our online tech support session is straight-forward and simple, and takes your privacy into consideration. 
    You just need your computer to boot up and a stable internet connection.

    Once you are ready to start a remote session, you can give us a call or shoot us an email. Then, we will ask you to download our TeamViewer remote agent (which you can find at the bottom of this page) and run it on your computer. You need to specifically allow access for us to have control over your computer—after that, you can put your feet up and sit back. We got this.

    Around 80% of software-related issues can be taken care of remotely, so don’t hesitate to give us a call and get quick and friendly help.

    Click on the blue icon below to download TeamViewer remote agent .