• Cloud Services

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Cloud infrastructure is the hardware and software needed to access the cloud. In other words, cloud Infrastructure makes cloud computing possible. Creating a cloud infrastructure solution for your company Requires a detailed understanding of your needs. Countless applications can then be implemented Including Internet, wide area networks, and telecom services.

    Cloud Storage

    • Cloud computing provides the power that makes all cloud services possible. Racks of computer servers Tied together with virtualization software distribute power wherever it is needed. We customize cloud Computing solutions based on the amount of power you require. These solutions are scalable so your Always ready to grow and expand.
    • Cloud storage is comprised of hard drives and/or flash storage that contains your data. Cloud storage Systems are equipped with software that allows you to enjoy high performance connectivity.
    • Networking refers to moving data between your computing resources. Networking allows your Employees communicate with each other and with customers living in the outside world.

    Remote desktop services

    Remote Desktop Services (RDS) allows users to run any operating system and run any application from a Remote location and on any device. This serves a number of useful purposes, including the ability to allow Remote users to gain access to data for collaboration.

    Hosted cloud infrastructure services

    • Application and Remote Desktop Service Hosting (IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service)
    • Virtual server and computing hosting
    • Secure encrypted offsite backup storage
    • Firewall and UTM management with traffic log storage, reporting and analysis (SaaS: Security as a Service)
    • Secure file hosting providing remote access to documents with sharing and versioning capabilities (SaaS: Storage as a Service – PaaS: Platform as a Service)