• Data Recovery


    Data recovery is a very sensitive and complex process. The term “recovery” is used when data cannot simply be copied from a storage device, whether it is a hard drive, flash drive, camera memory card, floppy disc, or any other type of physical media. If the media is damaged, either physically (the hard drive platters are damaged, or the read/write head is broken), or logically (the “directory” or file-map is damaged or missing) then a simple data transfer will not work. This term also applies to cases where certain files have been deleted, and must be “undeleted” (restored) from the disk in question. This is when data recovery becomes necessary, which is a unique process separate from the repair of your computer.


    • Sudden increases in electrical power or a surge
    • Obviously by smoke, fire, and heat
    • By water, floods and excessive moisture
    • Static electricity
    • By a virus infection
    • Due to user error (deleted files, formatting)


    Don’t panic. It is still possible to recover the information on your hard drive. We may be able to repair it. If not, you will probably need to purchase a new one and re-install your operating system, but it is likely that most of the data is still on the disk – in which case it can be recovered. Contact us at us and we’ll help.

    We will put forth our best effort to get the data that is most important to you. As is often the case, the recovery procedure can take several days, and Bit Computer Service will keep you updated on the progress as information becomes available.