• IT Security

  • What does an IT security do?

    IT security is a set of cyber security strategies that prevents unauthorized access to organizational assets Such as computers, networks, and data. It maintains the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive Information, blocking the access of sophisticated hackers.

    A Strong security posture doesn’t happen overnight !

    The first step is to understand your current environment. Businesses today have complex environments. Remote work, globalization, and cloud computing have dramatically improved efficiencies and productivity In the workplace – but these changes have also added new vectors for attackers.

    IT Security Assessment

    Get started by conducting an IT Security Assessment, also known as an IT Vulnerability Assessment. Proper Security Assessments will review risk and exposure vulnerabilities across your environment, so you know Where to direct your efforts. Once completed, you can drill down to address prioritized and specific areas Of concern. Maintaining a secure environment never stops, so implementing appropriate controls across The environment is critical.

    Content Filtering

    Ensure that internet bound traffic to and from your devices is safe and secure. Restricting access to known Malicious sites and limiting outbound protocols is critical to protecting your systems.

    Network Protection

    Segmentation and Monitoring are critical to the health and security of your network. Understanding Network activity not only lends itself to improving security it also identify performance bottlenecks.

    You can't afford not to take security seriously these days. With BCS we will work with you to provide an Appropriate set of solutions to make sure you and your users stay safe; and your information is there when You need it.