• Network Support

  • Comprehensive network support requires the combination of preventative maintenance, response to issues, and helpdesk support.

    Network Assessment

    Conducting a thorough assessment is a critical first step in ensuring that your network is optimized. We Identify risks to your business so they can be proactively resolved before they impact your operations.

    We put our concentration on proactive and preventative maintenance to eliminate issues before they Happen. We offer different levels of network support based on your needs and the complexity of your Network. We are always available to go on-site and also to support issues remotely.

    BCS Core Network Support Services include the following:

    • On-demand Network Support
    • LAN design/redesign, implementation and maintenance
    • WAN Connectivity
    • System installation/upgrade/migration/maintenance
    • Router, Switch and Firewall support and troubleshooting
    • Internet security and monitoring (IDS, IPS)
    • Network Administration
    • Network Monitoring
    • Wireless Solutions
    • Remote Access Solutions
    • Internet Circuit Optimization and Troubleshooting

    Network Down we can help!

    leading network services ensure that all critical points across your network are optimized, managed and Maintained.