• Virus Removal

  • Do you have a Computer Virus or Spyware on your PC??

    Below are a few primary indicators that your computer is most likely infected!

    • Your Computer runs slower than normal and NO Internet Access.
    • Unusual error messages and pop ups.
    • Distorted menus and dialog boxes.
    • Applications do not work correctly or will not open.
    • Disk drives are inaccessible or missing.
    • Windows stops responding or locks up often.
    • Computer crashes and restarts every few minutes.
    • The Computer restarts on its own and then fails to run normally.
    • Unusual programs telling you to purchase Anti-Virus Software.
    • Cannot print correctly or printing garbage letters.

    Bit Computer Service provides Professional Virus Removal Services, from your computer No matter Where You live long as you have an internet connection,

    Virus Removal Service includes the following:

    • Scanning your computer with state of the art virus detection software.
    • Remove all malware and harmful spyware.
    • Re-scan your PC to make sure that it is clean.
    • Clean up all temp files and corrupt or missing Registry Values.
    • Installation of Antivirus and Anti Malware Software for FREE,
    • Training on how to prevent viruses and how to use your Antivirus software correctly.